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Café Colao'

Bringing the perfect creation of our mountains to your cup

Fresh Homemade Meals

All Day, Everyday

Fresh Homemade Meals

Every day we strive to share with you the heritage that fills us with pride through our products.

Our perfect cup of coffee, fresh artisan bread,
delicious sandwiches and homemade meals keeps our customers coming back.
Wanna try? Come and delight yourself with a bite full of tradition.

 We love to serve!

Our Locations

Authentic  Puerto  Rican Bakery
This Is How We Do It

History of El Cafetal


In 1936 coffee came to Puerto Rico and becomes one of the main products of its culture. Since then, the picturesque sunrise that takes over the Puerto Rican sky is accompanied by its rich aroma. With this tradition latent in their veins, Melvin Méndez and Misely Raíces established El Cafetal.


This authentic Puerto Rican bakery honors the beautiful stamp that was born between the mountains and that prevails for more than three centuries around the whole island. After successfully bringing bread and coffee to the table of Puerto Ricans through its three establishments, El Cafetal arrives in Orlando. Now every day of “The City Beautiful” taste like mornings in Borinquen.

Our Menu

Mofongo & Comida a la Carta

Mofongo con Camarones

Mofongo con Pollo


Mofongo relleno El Cafetal Especial


Mofongo con Carrucho


Mofongo con Pulpo


Mofongo relleno de Pollo


Mofongo con Churrasco


Mofongo relleno de Camarones


Mofongo relleno de Pulpo


Mofongo con filete de Chillo


Mofongo relleno de Churrasco


Mofongo Plain


Mofongo El Cafetal Especial


Mofongo relleno de Chillo


Caldo de Pollo



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Everyday: 5:00 am - 10:00 pm  

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